Epilog Fusion Pro

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This industrial-grade laser cutting machine is well-suited for laser marking on the types of metal that other machines—even the others on our best laser cutter for small business list—can’t do.

Titanium, brass, precious metals, hardened metals, and more are all appropriate materials for this high-end laser cutting machine that allows small businesses the maximum flexibility and versatility to create one-of-a-kind merchandise.

You may have noticed that many laser cutters aren’t intended for use on metal. Some models are meant only for non-metal cutting and engraving. Others, like Glowforge, have limited uses for working with limited types of metals.

That’s because many of the top-performing laser cutters out there use CO2 lasers, which aren’t strong enough to cut through most metals. If you aim to do a lot of metal cutting and engraving in your business, you would be better off springing for a more expensive fiber laser cutter instead of a CO2 one.

We recommend the Epilog Fusion Pro, which combines the technology of a fiber laser and a CO2 laser into one powerful, high-end engraving machine capable of cutting dozens of metals along with a variety of non-metal materials.

The Technical Specs

As the name suggests, the Epilog Fusion Pro fuses together both CO2 and fiber laser technologies. Capable of operating at 50, 60, 80, or 120 watts of CO2 laser power or 30 or 50 watts of fiber laser power, this machine can cut through materials that are both sturdy—like metal and marble—and delicate, like fabric and paper.

The Epilog Fusion Pro features an industry-leading 165 IPS engraving speed, a built-in touch screen for easy control, an integrated air compressor, and much more.

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