Best Lepow Portable Monitor

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Lepow Portable Monitor

Remember how we were used to be bound by the telephone cord? With the advent of mobile phones, telephones in our homes have almost become obsolete. With the recent boom in the technological arena, especially after the start of the 21st century, it seems that we are far from being done with technological innovation yet. The rising trends of portable monitors in the markets lay a further foundation for the mentioned claim.

Portable monitors are finding themselves quite popular with customers who find it very arduous to compromise on the visual quality of the content that they consume.

Best Lepow Portable Monitor
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1 ViewSonic TD2230
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ViewSonic TD2230

The features and the display offered by this portable monitor are very impressive. The capacitive touch further enhances the already extensive feature-set. Furthermore, the monitor will also let you plug in your audio out in the 3.5 MM port, that it already has. The price of the monitor is high, but for those of you who don’t like to compromise on the display size, this is the perfect choice for you.
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ViewSonic TD2230 is a very impressive. View Sonic TD2230 features one of the largest display sizes. In spite of having a large screen display, the monitor does not lose its feature of being portable. The monitor remains very light; this is what makes it portable.


The 22-inch screen that comes with the monitor is huge. Those of you who love large screens yet want their displays to be portable should consider buying this picture of beauty.

The design of the portable monitor is an ergonomic bookstand design. If you want to mount it on a wall, you can also do that. One thing to keep in mind while buying this is that it is not as slim as the other monitors you may have viewed above.

  • Connectivity Freedom
  • Large IPS Display
  • Touch Capability
  • Design
  • Price
  • Slightly Heavy
2 AOC E1659FWU
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The best thing that we have found about this portable monitor is that it is available inside a hundred dollars from amazon. Given its minimum price, the feature-set that it includes is quite impressive. We believe that if you are looking for the best budget monitor in the market, you will not find one better than the AOC E1659FWU.
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The portable monitor arrives with a pretty straightforward standard design. The monitor’s size is only 14.56 x 8.63 inches. The design of the monitor is sleek and nice looking.
The backside of the screen seems to have a glossy surface, similar to musical instruments like guitars and pianos. The color of the backside is shining black. Unlike most of the monitors in the market which arrive with a cover cum prop, this portable monitor has a separate plastic prop right out of the bag. This prop/stand is known as Flexi stand.

  • Extensive Feature-Set
  • Best Price/Feature Ratio
  • Very Low priced
  • Satisfactory Resolution
  • Unattractive Design
  • Only USB connectivity
3 AOC I1601FWUX 15.6
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AOC I1601FWUX 15.6

Evaluating all the specs as well as the prices of different monitors in this category led us to the conclusion that the AOC I1601FWUX 15.6 is an excellent choice for you guys. It is because no other monitor in the market is offering all these features in this price range. Also, the USB-C cable is the only thing that you will need to connect it to your laptop or any other media.
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The design of this portable monitor is just good. There are very few extra-ordinary things about the design of the gadget. The thickness of the monitor is only 8.5 mm. It makes it look very sleek and intricate. Moreover, at almost 800g, the monitor has been advertised to be ultra-light.

As is common with the portable monitors of this kind, the cover that comes with it not only protects the monitor from external factors like dust and shocks but also acts as a prop/stand when you want to view anything on the screen.

  • Price
  • AntiGlare IPS Display
  • Light Weight
  • USB Connectivity Only
  • Portable Cover Stand
4 Sibolan 144Hz portable Monitor
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Sibolan 144Hz portable Monitor

The only reason that this monitor is on our list is that it is better among all other 144Hz portable monitors. This monitor is also known as a gaming monitor because of its usage mostly by the gaming community. The display of the monitor is nice, and it can also include a battery if you are willing to make it a little thicker. All in all, the monitor screen is a good choice.
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The image quality of the monitor is quite impressive. The 144 Hz monitor packs a 15.6 inch TFT IPS LCD. The maximum resolution offered by the portable monitor is 1920 x 1080 pixels strong. The IPS display makes it easier to view the screen from different angles. The contrast ratio of the portable monitor stands at 800:1. While the refresh rate of the portable monitor is 144Hz.When it comes to the ports on this portable monitor, rest assured it has got many of them. You can connect your laptop with a dual HDMI mini port. Another port that is there for video transfer is the type-c port. A micro USB port is also available for connecting your mouse or a keyboard with the monitor. It is interesting to note that the manufacturers are marketing the USB-C port as a Thunderbolt 3. It makes it compatible with Macs, phones, laptops, consoles, cameras, and other devices.

  • Ideal for Gaming
  • Battery version available
  • Crisp Display
  • Ordinary Design
  • Not Feature-Rich
5 Desklab 4K USB-C Portable Monitor
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Desklab 4K USB-C Portable Monitor

Another selling feature of the Desklab 4K USB-C Portable Monitor is touchscreen support. Yes, it has a 4k resolution and touch support, providing more bang for your buck. However, a touch display means it is super glossy and may attract fingerprints.
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At 15.6 inches, the Desklab 4K USB-C Portable Monitor is a perfect option to increase the screen real estate of 13 to 14-inch ultrabooks. With USB-C power delivery, you can power this monitor using a compatible Type-C laptop, allowing you to use it in places with no power outlets.

The design of the monitor is simple yet subtle. It comes in a clean, black finish with thin 3-sided bezels and a white logo in the bottom bezel and at the back. There is nothing flashy or obtrusive, fitting perfectly in a professional environment.

  • Sharp, colorful 4K display
  • Wide compatibility
  • Incredibly light and thin
  • No kickstand included

Best Lepow Portable Monitor of 2021 Year

Buyer's Guide, Comparison and Advices


To simplify the process of searching for the best portable monitor, determine the reason why exactly you need it. Different models are suitable for specific tasks and purposes.

For instance, if you plan on watching movies a lot, you need a monitor with an IPS matrix and big viewing angles to conveniently watch films in a group of several people.

Speaking of response time, TN models are superior and speedier than IPS ones, which is a decisive factor for gaming enthusiasts, who constantly deal with motion games.

Set your priorities straight and you will be able to make a proper choice of a portable monitor.

What Characteristics Do You Need?

To pick a decent portable monitor, take into account the following characteristics: construction, mobility and dimensions, image output interface, matrix type.

Construction, Dimensions and Mobility

The construction and dimensions of a portable monitor are supposed to resemble those of your laptop. Therefore, you will be able to place both a monitor and a large-screen laptop into a single bag with two compartments.

If you want to, you can always opt for a larger monitor, but it won’t be as convenient to transport while traveling. You will have to either purchase one more bag exclusively for a monitor or a bag that will be larger than a laptop to fit both devices in.

To ensure optimal portability, pick a display with a moderate thickness that doesn’t feature any sticking-out elements in a folded position. Such elements might be damaged in the process of transportation or damage other devices located in the bag.

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